All children are invited to participate in our program.

We also welcome all young visitors to our Sunday school classes.



Make disciples of all at SS Constantine & Helen, Honolulu, Hawaii, and all the nations.


Mission Statement

  • We, the Sunday school ministry team, commit ourselves to Christ's Church and this ministry, being good examples for our young disciples.
  • We teach our children with love and respect, allowing them to talk and share their thoughts in a safe environment.
  • We teach our children sharing our own experiences and encourage them to practice the teachings in their everyday lives.
  • Most of all, we pray to God for the protection and spiritual growth of all the youth in our community.



All students attending Sunday school are asked to register.  If you can, please call the church office and register during the summer months in order to help us anticipate class sizes and textbook needs.


Age and Grade Level Requirements

  • A child must be four years old by August 1st to enroll in the Sunday school.
  • Note:  Children three years old and younger are invited to join a newly-developing ministry, “Tots and Parents”.  Please contact the church office for more information.

  • Older students are placed in classrooms according to grade level.  In the unusual event that a student is studying at a level higher than his/her age would imply, we recommend that he remain with his age-level peer group.


School Term

The Sunday school term begins the Sunday after Labor Day and finishes the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend. Check the Sunday school calendar or your email for any holiday breaks or special events.



Students should arrive at the beginning of the Divine Liturgy and sit with their parents.  After receiving Holy Communion, they are guided quietly to their classrooms.

Classes are about 40 to 45 minutes long, except for Pre-K & Kindergarten class, which lasts for 20 to 25 minutes.  Because the length of the Divine Liturgy can vary, parents may find that the coffee hour is often underway before their children are released from class. 



All the Sunday school teachers are trained and certified as a youth workers under the requirements of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.  There are at least two teachers per class.



Children should attend regularly to benefit from the program taught.


Parents' & Guardians' Roles

  • Try to come to church at the beginning of the Divine Liturgy and attend the service regularly.
  • Get to know your child’s Sunday school teachers. Be aware of what your child is learning in class and how your child is behaving.
  • Ask your child about the lesson he or she learned in Sunday school.  Discuss the lesson as a family, after church on Sunday and throughout the week.
  • Practice the Orthodox Faith at home. Children are great imitators. Your child will learn from watching and imitating you, his or her primary teacher.


Opportunities to Volunteer

If you are interested in offering your time and talents for our youth and church, please contact the church office.


Contact Information

Church office email address –

Telephone number – (808) 521-7220