Orthodoxy 101 Online

Orthodoxy 101 Online is a self-paced course of videos and readings particularly suited to those who are unable to attend Orthodoxy 101 in person or who wish to learn more about one particular aspect of the Orthodox Faith.

The original, evening Orthodoxy 101 course of seminars is comprised of readings, in-class discussions, opportunity for question/answer, and live interaction. As such, those who are interested in becoming Orthodox will be expected not only to complete the on-line course, but must also make arrangements to meet periodically with his/her priest for in-person discussion and assessment.

Finally, since Orthodox Christianity is not merely an intellectual exercise of readings and memorization, it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of regular, weekly attendance at the Divine Liturgy. It is through the experiential approach that one comes more fully to appreciate and understand the Faith.


Many thanks to Fr. Steven Tsichlis of St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church of Irvine, CA for his valuable assistance and inspiration in making possible Orthodoxy 101 Online.

How to follow this Course of Study:

Orthodoxy 101 Online is divided into seven topical units of study, each following a similar format:

  • A brief introduction to the topic,
  • An on-line video presenting aspects of the topic of study, followed by,
  • Downloadable Readings on the topic at hand. These readings may be accessed online, downloaded and stored on your personal electronic device, or printed for reading and study. 

At the conclusion of each unit of study, please make arrangements with your parish priest to meet and discuss the unit you have just completed. This personal encounter is an essential and integral part of the Orthodoxy 101 Online program.

Lesson Plan