III   Worship

Hebrew worship – the model for the Early Christian Church – was highly liturgical, rich symbolism and ritual worship. The Orthodox alone, among Christian Churches, have retained and even added to this rich history, christianizing ancient Hebrew practices.

      A.   Liturgy: Why do We Worship the Way We Do?

                Downloadable Readings

                Symbols: What are They?

                Incense – We are the Aroma of Christ

                Candles – The Inner and The Outer Flame


      B.   Looking at the Liturgy: A Commentary and Explanation

                VIDEO - Metropolitan Kallistos Ware – “On the Divine Liturgy”


                VIDEO – The Inner Meaning of the Divine Liturgy (Part 1)

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                The Divine Liturgy - Reality not Symbol

                What we Believe about the Divine Liturgy


      C.   Preparing the Bread and Wine for Worship: the Proskomide

                VIDEO – Divine Liturgy Study - Proskomide

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                Liturgy, Proskomide


      D.   The Liturgical Year: Seasons of Feasting and Fasting

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                The Church Year

                What we believe about the Church Year


            1.   Advent: Preparing for Christmas

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                  Nativity of Christ


            2.   Feast of Theophany [Epiphany]

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              Epiphany and the Blessing of Water



                3.   Great Lent and Pascha/Easter

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             Great Lent

          Lenten Fasting

        Lenten Services

           Tracing the Origins of the PreSanctified Liturgy

       Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday

         Palms: Symbols of Victory

             Holy Week

         Good Friday – The Epitaphion


                4.    The Pascal Season – Easter to Pentecost

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          Easter Sunday – The Holy Pascha