VII   Spirituality

We grow in Christ and partake of the Grace of God in and through the Mysteries (Sacraments) of the Church. But, how we live our daily lives (“orthopraxia”) is as important as what we believe (“orthodoxia”).

  1. The Spiritual Ascent: Silence, Solitude and Prayer

VIDEO – Metropolitan Anthony Bloom – “Prayer in the Christian Life”


VIDEO – Metropolitan Kallistos Ware – “The Jesus Prayer”

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                What we Believe about Prayer

                The Ladder to Heaven

                Hesychasm: the Practice of Silence

                Are We Saved

                The Prayer Corner


      B.   The Monastic Witness to the Gospel

                Monasticism: the Biblical Call


                VIDEO – The Monastery of St. Katherine on Mt. Sinai


      C.   Living Faithfully in the Orthodox Church

Becoming and being an Orthodox Christian is not merely about learning information and coming to church each week to watch a beautiful service. Rather, we are all called and challenged to become the Christian that God desires for each of us. In this sense, becoming Orthodox is not an event but a life-long process, working out our personal salvation by the Grace of God within the life and worship of the Church, and in our daily life as Orthodox Christians.


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                What is Expected of Us?