IV   Sacraments 

The Sacraments – or, to used the preferred Orthodox term, Mysteries – of the Church are the principle means by which man participates in the Grace of God and potentially becomes one with His Creator

      A.   Living a Sacramental Life

                Downloadable Readings

                What We Believe about the Sacraments

                On the Mysteries

                The Sacraments


      B.   Mysteries/Sacraments of the Church

                1.    Baptism and Chrismation

                VIDEO – Baptism and Chrismation           


                Downloadable Readings

                Christening – Incorporation into Christ

                The Meaning of Baptism –St. Cyprian

                A Letter on Infant Baptism 


                2.    Confession/Repentance

                VIDEO – Confession       

                Downloadable Readings

                On Repentance



                3.    Holy Matrimony

                VIDEO – Holy Matrimony             

                Downloadable Readings 

                On Marriage


                4.    Holy Unction

                VIDEO – Holy Unction


                Downloadable Readings 

                On Holy Unction