Happy New Year 2015!

My Dear Spiritual Ohana,

A Happy and Healthy New Year to All!  With the reigning in of 2015, we officially begin the sweet Golden 50th Anniversary of our beloved Parish and Cathedral’s glorious roots on the Island of Oahu and we look forward to the ongoing legacy of our parish for the next 50 years to come!

God has greatly blessed Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Pacific.  Throughout 2015, we will have exciting events to commemorate these first fifty years.  One interesting activity will be a special presentation in the bulletin each month, honoring at least one of the founding families.  Another special event will be a Name Day Luncheon for our Church, honoring Sts. Constantine and Helen.  This will be held at the Church Social Hall after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, May 17th.  A fun filled event will be ongoing every week of the year with the “52 Fun Filled Facts” which will be featured in the bulletin, the Face Book page, and on display in the Social Hall.  Please send in your questions about the Church which will become the Fun Filled Facts!

With all this being said, I feel very honored to be a part of this great celebration, as your priest, to be present at this major milestone!  I look forward to the challenges which lie ahead as we enter together into and journey through this 2015 New Year.  With all of your help, we can all make a difference as members of the Body of Christ, His Church (after all, we the faithful people are what make up the Church), and overcoming the many challenges in our Cathedral Community.

Within our community, we look forward to implementing the 37 steps and goals in our Metropolis of San Francisco’s Strategic Plan which is currently in the very exciting process of its development and execution.  Aside from us having a Strategic Plan Advocate, namely Shota Mcheidze, we are looking for, within our Community, a Chairperson to head C.O.M.E., which is a Missions and Evangelism Ministry.  I will share, in the coming days, what the chairmanship of this ministry will involve, in greater detail.

A few of the major goals I want us to accomplish this 2015 Year are as follows:  (1) formation of a Youth Council, (2) development of a solid Outreach Plan and Vision, and (3) for our young men to take the “torch of faith” and run with it to take on leadership roles and responsibilities in the Altar, as Acolytes and Acolyte Leaders.

As our Metropolitan Anthony, of Blessed Memory, has stated:  “You come to me with an idea...now give it “flesh!”  In other words, “let us not just come up with great suggestions, ideas and statements, but rather let  us take these and make them work for the benefit of our parish, ourselves and each other, so that being doers we may ‘commend ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God,’ as we pray in the Divine Services so frequently.”

A Blessed 2015 Year to All!


With Love in Christ,

+Fr. Alexander  

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