The Blessed Period of Triodion Commences!

My Dear Spiritual Ohana,

We now enter a Most Blessed Festal Period in the Year, namely the “Triodion!”  The Triodion is, in fact, a liturgical book which contains service and prayer content for a “moveable” season within the Liturgical Cycle of the Year which gradually leads and transports us into and through Great Lent, concluding on Holy Saturday of Holy Week.

The Triodion is not just simply a Liturgical Book.  It has a deeply personal purpose for each one of us.  It is intended to take us on a journey, a spiritual one, a “home coming” if we can call it that!  If we put into practice the prayer content and hymns we will come to our senses on how we ought to live throughout the year and our entire lives as Christians.  This journey has as its goal, the encountering of Christ in our everyday lives, experiencing His Divine Energies which include His love and healing presence in our lives as human beings.  The Triodion is also likened to the Season of Spring in which one of the hymns aptly expresses:  “a spiritual spring which blossoms with the fruits of the, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control.”  These fruits bring freshness, renewal, wholeness and meaning in our personal lives enabling us to shine and radiate the Light of Christ out unto the lives of those we encounter as a mirror has the ability to reflect the light of the sun.

Recently, a few of us had the opportunity share in a special “podcast” from the world-renown

Theologian Fr. Thomas Hopko, entitled “Lent– The Tithe of the Year.”  In one of his statements, I quote verbatim, he says the following:  “Now this Lenten Season, as far as time is concerned, is just about ten percent of the year.  If we have 365 days and you have 40 days of the Lenten Season and then, in the Orthodox tradition again, the Holy Week of Christ’s Passion is added on, that adds up to be virtually ten percent of the year.  And the Lenten Season is that time of the year when believers, Christian believers, try to be what they ought always to be and to do what they ought always to do, but don’t.”  And he continues:  “It’s not a time for a special pious devotional activity.  It’s a time for normal Christian activity, the way it should be lived all year round but is not.  So the season of repentance, the Lenten spring as it’s often called, this ‘tithe of the year’ is when the believers mobilize themselves individually and together, corporately, to try to be God’s people, to be a Christian, to be a human being, to be a person, as a Christian, to know that we were not simply brought of Egypt into Palestine.”

This is the goal we want to attain and achieve throughout our lives.  And this Season of the Triodion helps guide us along the right path as, similarly, the street signs help ensure our decisions to drive and maneuver responsibly on the road.

I wish all of you enlightenment, always, especially as we approach and enter this Holy Season of the Triodion.



With Love in Christ,

+Fr. Alexander  

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