Immeasurable and Most Generous Love bestowed through our Lord’s Nativity

My Dear Spiritual Ohana,

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!

The wondrous mystery and celebration of our Lord’s Nativity and Incarnation is upon us!  Through It we find such an immeasurable and immense amount of Love from God, beyond what our human mind can comprehend.  Let us not cease to glorify Him for all He has done for us humans!

Through our Orthodox Hymnography, especially in this Holy Nativity Season, is expressed the constant and timeless mystery of God’s love for all of humankind!  Take a look at the following hymn from the Orthros Service of Christmas and reflect and contemplate on God’s Awesomeness and Greatness, Whom we glorify this time of the year and ought to everyday of our lives!

“He whom nothing can contain has been contained in a womb. * He is in the Father's bosom and His Mother's embrace. * How can this be, but as He knows and willed and was well pleased. * Fleshless as He was, He willingly took flesh. * And He Who Is became what He was not, for us. * And while departing not from His own nature, * He shared in our nature's substance. * So Christ was born with dual natures, * wishing to replenish the world on high.”

God has condescended and so humbled Himself to take on our human nature and flesh, because of His Most Generous Love!  This Mystery of God’s Love is so great!  How is It so?  Here are a few amazing facts about some of the lengths Christ has gone forour sakes, through His Incarnation (taking on of flesh).  I find it so moving that the Lord was born, of all places, in the humblest of places, a stable instead of a royal and lavish palace.  He had to learn how to speak as all of us learned how to.  He was fed and cared for by the hands of human parents, though He Himself created the world, the universe, and the greatest to the smallest details of creation.  He was baptized at the hands of John the Baptist.  He died, unjustly, a human death by crucifixion and endured human injustice, the One Who is the Source of Life.  Ultimately, He conquered death by His Death.  He fully understands us, having delved into our skin (flesh).  All these things and more demonstrate how immensely He cares and loves each and every one of us.

You see how it is so fitting for us to glorify Him for all He had done and still does for us!  But how can we each glorify Him?  How do we even start?  It starts with our acknowledgement of Who He is and what He has done for us.  All we do should be in response to His Love.  What we need to do is take every action and opportunity humanly possible, given us in every moment of our life, to impart His Love to all those around us.

A concrete example, is to share His Love with one another in our own Cathedral in Honolulu.  How?  We need to move outside of our “comfort zones” and be a community of love amongst each other and allow that love to overflow into the community and world around us without being afraid to tear down the walls we put up between ourselves and others.  It’s simple, but not necessarily easy to do and put into practice.  We must be willing to take a leap of courageous faith and swallow up our pride to let down the walls and instead build bridges, sharing the Good News of Christ and His Greatness with one another.  Let’s sit and fellowship with those we do not normally sit with and get to know them rather than remaining in our own exclusive cliques.  Let us forgive those who hurt us and repair the brokenness in our lives and community.  We can be more gentle and loving towards one another.  In our ministries, we must always focus and redirect our focus on why we are here as members of the Church...  We are all part of the Body of Christ and our purpose is to grow in Him and give Him due glory!  So let us always remember who we ought to be in faith and action, Christians and people of God!

May the joy of the Lord’s Nativity be incarnated into all of our lives!

With Love in Christ,

+Fr. Alexander

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