I   Introduction to the Orthodox Church

      A.   Orthodox Art in Worship

When entering an Orthodox church for the first time, the visitor will notice many structural and decorative/artistic differences from the traditional Western Christian church. This unit of study helps the new-comer to understand the new environment – its history, development and meaning.

                VIDEO – Taking a Tour of an Orthodox Church

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                What the Walls of an Orthodox Church Teach

                The Theotokos with Child

                Christ Pantokrator

                The Church Building

      B.   Icons: Jesus is the Icon of the Invisible God (Colossians 1:15)

                VIDEO – “Windows into Heaven”

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                What we believe about Icons


Our Faith

Becoming Orthodox
The life of the Orthodox Church perpetuates and fulfills the ministry of Jesus Christ. The close association between Christ and His Church is reflected in the images from the Scriptures which declare that Christ is the Head and the Church is His Body, and that Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church is His bride. Learn more»




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