Podcasts of the Daily Scripture Readings are available courtesy of the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) and is named"Readings and Remembrances". With your favorite Podcast reader (see below), use the following URL to start listening to the Daily Scripture and Saints Readings.

RSS URL: feeds.feedburner.com/ReadingsAndRemembrances


Ancient Faith Radio - Extensive resource for podcasts and videos.

St. Spyridon Church - Loveland, CO - Weekly sermons, bible studies, and classes on the Orthodox Faith by Fr. Evan Armatas

St. Catherine Church - Greenwood Village, CO - Weekly sermons, bible studies, lectures, services, retreats and more!

Holy Resurrection - Brookville, NY - Weekly Sunday sermons.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church - Akron, OH - Sermons and other audio recordings of interest.

Saint Basil Greek Orthodox Church - Stockton, CA - Sermons, classes, and lectures.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - Lexington, MA - Weekly Sunday sermons.


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